Thursday, June 21, 2018


       I find that television sucks. It has become progressively worse since I was a kid.   At least that’s the feeling I get when I turn it on for 5 minutes every now and then.  Smart people have moved on from television, therefore the shows and commercials have been dumbed down to relate to the audience.  All opinions on this blog are my own.  Except when Bigfoot steals my phone from time to time to make an entry.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

On and off center.

       When I shave my beard it grows back. When I cut my grass the same thing happens.  When I fill my truck up with gas it immediately begins to burn away. When I fill up the bank with money the same thing happens.  I have to shave regularly.  I have to mow the yard regularly.  I have to add gas regularly.  I have to keep money coming in regularly.  So why is it some of us feel when we reach a state of mental clarity or fulfillment that it requires no maintenance?  I know that I’m not alone in feeling when I’m knocked off center my immediate (and sometimes lasting) reaction is to throw my hands up and curse the unfairness of the world and my life.  This is the wrong reaction.  We are to work to find center, peace, and fulfillment.  We are to enjoy it while we have it.  But we are to understand the ebb and flow of our world.  How many times can we get knocked off center and get back to it?  As many as it takes.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

On learning your craft

        Since 2000 I have been too busy writing songs and performing than to learn about how to write a song or how to perform.  See what I did there ?  Whatever it is, just jump in.

Monday, June 18, 2018

Back on the Bike

       At some point in life I quit riding bikes. When I was 4 years old I was on a bike most of the time until my teens.  Years after I would ride now and then.  I owned a bike but it sat motionless most of the time. Maybe I didn’t live in a bike friendly area, or maybe I had the wrong bike.  But this year I discovered a bike that I enjoy riding.  It’s a big bmx.  The same style of bike we rode as kids, only bigger.  Riding the bike has become an addiction again.  Jumping on, zipping off, and being gone in a matter of seconds is as thrilling as ever.  The tick tick tick of the freewheel, leaning into a turn, zipping down a dirt hill.  It’s all still there. I’m constantly thinking of how I can use my bike instead of driving.  I’m happy to be back on the bike.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

A Break in the Link

       I started this little project as a writing exercise. My intention was to post everyday for 365 days. Yesterday I missed. Why isn’t important. What’s important is that I hit the reset button and follow through.  My ocd wanted to look back at 365 consecutive posts. As of now it wants me to quit. Because even if I make 365 consecutive posts now, there will be an additional previous 8 posts. My ocd wants me to delete those and start over. But writing this lets me see just how ridiculous that sounds.  This will carry over into when I quit working out all together because I miss a day, or start eating terrible on a regular basis because I break the diet.  Reset.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Why breakup pain is worth it.

      What feelings come from a breakup?  Shame, embarrassment, a sense of failure, loss.  A breakup is a mourning. And these feelings can be on either side.  Whether you’re the one being broken up with or the one doing the breaking up, even if it’s mutual. First thing to remember is you’re far from alone. People are breaking up every second feeling the same way you’re feeling now.  Including the person that you’re going to find eventually who will love you unconditionally.  Why is it worth it?  Well, if you stay with someone you know isn’t right for you to avoid breakup pain, the pain that will come later is far more severe.  Get some sun. Walk, jog, read, workout. Spend some time alone. This will pass. And you will be stronger.  And how wonderful is it knowing that he or she is out there feeling just as you do now, and when you find each other, how thankful you will be.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Fate denied

       I wonder how many people didn’t meet because they were looking down at their phones on the subway, or in a coffee shop, or at the grocery store, or at a bar..  Old friends who would’ve once reunited, 2 people that might’ve fallen in love and started a family, those who might have struck up a conversation about a common interest and started a business.  Then again all of these things are we look down at phones.  The world has been sent sailing in a different direction.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018


       He’s an ex-Navy Seal that writes books on leadership, children’s books, and has a podcast. Every morning at 4:30 am he takes a picture of his watch and posts a short motivational note to go with it.  Usually something like “Go.”, or “Get Some”.  He doesn’t take weekends off. Weekends are for “pushing harder”.  And Mondays he posts short post workout words. My favorite of these is one where he asks “you don’t like Mondays?  Let me many Mondays you think you got left?  It’s a finite number.”  I’m glad there is Jocko in this world. The internet has allowed us to be silently mentored. As Seth Godin put it, “now if you live in the middle of nowhere and have an Internet connection, you’re in the middle of everywhere, aren’t you.”  Jocko doesnt know he’s mentoring me.  But every day I’m a little better because of the words and actions that he shares.  Thanks, Jocko.